John Lakatos - Upright Bass

One of the founding members of the band, John has always enjoyed Bluegrass music, and his appreciation of the music has grown since the inception of the band. Growing up listening to a wide variety of music has enabled him to finally sort out which is his favorite: bluegrass! "I always like to say that everyone loves bluegrass music; some folks just might not know it yet!"

Whether it's spending time camping with the grand-kids or fishing somewhere with a friend or the solitude of deer hunting, music is never far from mind for John.

"During the first nine years of the Patchwork Band - and now as Calabogie Road - we have traveled to so many interesting places and have met so many wonderful people. It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to do this. Even as a young aspiring musician, I knew that someday I would have the opportunity to make people feel good about something in their lives. Even if it may only be for a two-hour concert, it warms my heart to see the happiness on people's faces as they get lost in the music we present".